Google Cloud Platform

It’s been three years since my last post on this blog. While I have been busy – studying for another degree – but still applying what I’ve learned from the teaching in the “Diamond Cutter” book by Michael Roach. During the time, my partner left me but my relationship with my son has improved. He is now back in the university to study for his first degree in International Business.  The thing is he now becomes more aware for what he needs in life in order to be successful and independent, or at least to move towards that direction.

After I finished my last degree, in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, I thought I was too tired to get onto another studying program.  So I decided to take a break from studying and devote most of my time in developing my businesses.  But then again, one can never really not learn new things as days go by.  So I went back to enrol for a Spanish course to just have fun.

Well, as it happens, it would not be enough for my reconstituted brain activities so I start look to find any Apps to help me streamline my corporate management solutions business.  I could not find one that would be of significant usefulness for my liking.  So I thought about developing an application on my own.

I have studied computer programming in my college days, and thought about doing a double major in Computer Science then, but running short of funds and missing my family I had to finish my study and graduate.  So I returned home to find myself highly in demand for the overseas education my parents have provided me and embarked on a 30 years journey down the financial industry avenue.

To cut the long story short, I was not tech-engaged for over 30 years, and since my last activities on a terminal a lot has changed.  So in order to launch my tech application I have to learn about new things that has been developed since my basic skills learned from 30 years ago.

This is going to be a blog to the journey down the road of my experience in the journey of new tech adventure for me.

Look to learn new things, it will take time. But as I find out it’s not that difficult, as it seems everything is available online.  No, they are not all for free!  I started buying several books online from the Amazon.  In the Kindle version, as I didn’t want to wait for the  shipping delivery from the post, which will have taken several weeks and time is a scarce commodity for an old geek.

The Kindle ebooks were essential for my to catch up on the most recent trend in computing and web hosting.  The latest thinking in cloud computing, in OS language and in search engine.  After watching about a dozen Youtube videos about installing virtual machine and Linux OS in the VM, I started to contemplate whether to subscribe to a VPS hosting provider or go into a cloud platform.

Now I didn’t know what providers are there who offer the cloud platform and how it works.  It all seemed very difficult to access for my.  I have spent the better part of the last two weeks reading up about this and surfing their provider websites to get an idea of which ones should I choose.

Then in the last two days, I just came upon the Google Cloud Platform and after watch a collection of videos on Youtube (including the Thought Sumo and Red Guerrilla and others too numerous to name) to find that the GCP is so easy to use.  Plus the GCP also give the new use 60 days of free trial and $300 of free credit to try their service.  Of course the pricing for the follow on use is also very competitive vs other providers like Amazon and Azure, so it a no-brainer for me.

The sign-up took about 2 minutes for my Virtual Assistant and of course I have to have my credit card ready to identify that there is a real person behind the virtual world.   And “Bang!” I am launch to the real world of a new tech business.

This is my journey down the tech start-up cloud space, and you are welcome to follow my journey.


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